Re-heatable Ethical Take Home Dining

Our GZs Date night is not a ready to eat meal it will require reheating all you need is some basic kitchen equipment, an oven, microwave and serving utensils.

Orders open Monday 9am for Friday/Saturday pick up between 1-2pm Friday & 1-3pm Saturday


Cauliflower Cheese Croquettes

Sourdough Corn Bread Our Sourcream

American BBQ Smoked Treacle Lamb Ribs

Salt Baked Sweet Potato

Red Cabbage, Peanut and Fried Onion Slaw

Last Season Pickles

Chocolate cream Pie

*Vegetarian Options available


From The GZs Bakery

All baked products made by us using Tuerong Farm Flour See Socials for Updates


$40 Standard match red/w

$60 Premium match red/white

$25 Mixed 4 pack local craft beer

$15 100ml imbued distillery suburban gin

$15 Lachlan's Home Made Cocktails

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